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Gumroad Store

This Gumroad shop shares space with my she designs things design space. Gotta show my various personality traits, some place. Lol, Here you'll find light and airy and blue and colorful websites, digital stickers, and everything in between. :)

Free Stuff I made

Anger Management Planner

This digital planner is for those who have bad tempers. Instead of jail time, write that shit out. What's Included: 80 Hyperlinked pdf pages you can use with GoodNotes, Notability and whatever the fuck else basic bitches use to plan shit. I mean do we really need 30 apps to plan and write? 

Neon Stickers

These are DIGITAL STICKERS. I don't think I have to explain that you ain't gettin a physical product. But just in case - IT'S DIGITAL KAREN. What's Included - 13 stickers, it, them, everyone stickers to use with your Anger Management Planner. Mostly random things like headphones and palm trees.  

Angry Calendar

All you want is a neon 90s aesthetic 12-month calendar? This 12-month calendar can be printed or used in a planner or any place you see fit. I mean, it's a freaking calendar with like dates and weeks and stuff. It does what calendars do. Which is technically nothing if you don't supply it with information.

Anger by the week

Just need a weekly page and not an entire planner? I got you. These weekly freaking the fuck out sheets will help you balance out the day, process whatever bs you went through. You know, since everyone is all about "accountability" and shit, which is a great thing if you actually take responsibility.